July 31,2021

Perleberg is a beautiful city. There is a gorgeous church in the middle of this beautiful city in Germany. This famous church is home to a grand organ. For many years, a famous musician has been playing music on that organ. He played the organ with artistry that was praised by everyone.

Years rolled by… he grew old. Even then, only he had the permission to play music on that wind instrument.

One day, A tourist came by to that church. He had come to visit that church. Of course, he did not miss the grand organ. As he went near it, he requested to play on the organ but his request was denied. The aged organist had denied saying it was only his right to play on the organ. However the tourist wasn’t about to give up. The tourist was persuasive asking the expert to let him play that eventually he was permitted.

The tourist was elated! The moment he sat near the organ and grazed his fingers against the keys, music ebbed like honey to the ears. The elderly musician who tended to the organ these many years froze in shock listening to the beautiful music.

 He hadn’t heard such perfect music in his life and he wondered who this prodigy might be! He slowly approached the tourist and asked for his name. The newcomer with much happiness said, : Felix Mendelssohn. The organist was surprised when he heard the name!


Yes, Mendelssohn was a world-famous music director and that’s how much the organist had known! Little did he expect to be standing in front of the music genius! From then on, the organist was known for repeating this story to whomever he met. Whenever he mentions his initial reluctance to allow the musician to play, his hands would tremble! What if Mendelssohn hadn’t played that day on his church’s organ? Oh my! I would have lost the rarest opportunity to experience such sweet music, he mentions with ebbing joy to anyone who listens.

My dear young friends!

Our creator Jesus Christ had designed us to be tall growing fruitful trees and as artistic cornerstones of a palace! He intercedes in your life and is asking for the right to play wonderful music using your body as his musical instrument. He is asking you to surrender your body, its organs and limbs, your heart and its desires, your thoughts and mind, your soul and your conscience, your spirit, you as a whole. People who dedicated their life and body to Christ lived. Those who went astray with the mirage of sin and denied to dedicate had been deceived into drowning in utter distress. The decision is always yours!

Will you be willing to allow God make wonderful music with your heart?

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July 31,2021 Perleberg is a beautiful city. There is a gorgeous church in the middle…